I've been writing for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of creative writing is around the age of five, when I composed a poem about my grandmother's death. The fun of creating stayed with me through junior high, when my best gal pals and I would exchange a notebook between classes and each add a new part of an on-going story.

In high school, I finished my first novel, a Revolutionary War romance, still fondly referred to as "Lance and Josie". Then, for several years, I piddled with different stories--always historical romance--but never anything seriously until my oldest son was born and I found myself stuck at home with nothing to do in between naps and feedings.

I decided then it was time to do something with this obsession with words, and took a leap and submitted, and voila! A contract! From there, it's been heaven.

Aside from writing, I keep busy with my two boys, affectionately known as my demi-demons. I also own a small hobby farm, and together with my best friend, we raise heritage breed livestock, ornamental chickens, and grow as much of our own food as possible. Not so much because we're paranoid about the world around us, but because we admire those who came before us and want to keep early farming traditions and crafts alive. Plus, it's rewarding to know you produced what's on the table!

I'm an avid animal lover and share my home with many, including a three-legged dog named Daisy, who constantly reminds me the hurdles are never too big to overcome. When I'm not writing or digging around in the dirt, I like to read (imagine that!), play strategy games, and sit back with a good movie. Check out my facebook page for official book news, or follow my facebook profile for random nonsense.

Stripped is not only a suspenseful story, but it's a very erotic one as well. The chemistry and sexual tension between Brandon and Natalya are so intense.

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Shatter Me is one hell of an emotional read that will capture you from the first page and have you hooked till the last when you finish it with a watery happy smile.

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